Mr. Stitch Bags

The best bags in universe. 

Upcycled Neoprene

Surfers all over the world wear wetsuits made out of neoprene to stay warm in cold water conditions. But what happens with this wetsuit, when its out of use? Mr. Stitch gives worn out wetsuits a second live and makes the best out of it - stylish bags with a unique story and design.  

Cork fabrics

Cork - a multi talent when it comes to details. Its water resistent, ecological, vegan and looks just great. With cork fabrics almost everything is possible. Small to large bags in any kind of shape or color. Get an impression at the store! Following the idea of recycling I only use cork remains and patterns from the cork industry. 


Clear design with an unique look - handmade recycled bags made from neoprene and fabrics designed in El Palmar, Andalusia. 

Mr. Stitch - a surfer with a passion for handcrafted products which are stylish an ecological at the same time. Getting creative, finding a way how to make things different and creating new products  is what I love.